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Captions use an outlined font, so they are visible on both dark and light backgrounds. Though web safe fonts can be good for wedges of copy, they give you little to play around with in terms of bold, magnetizing, and unique design. Raster images can be saved in one of two primary colo

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You can change Web Captioner’s font, colors, text position, and more. It’s not because I’m mean, it’s because you’re sending 542 KB of fonts to my browser. In some industries more than 90% of incoming artwork contains outlined text. This geometric sans-se

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You can use formatting options to undo or redo changes, add bullet points, change your font, highlight or strikethrough text, and more. It’s one of the most popular sans serif fonts and is used widely on the different website. The first factor that will help you define whether a

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In the first article of the module, we explored the basic CSS features available for styling fonts and text. Over the past decade, geometric sans-serifs have been at the heart of a relentless drive for minimalism across many different sectors. But they can be a good place to start you

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How to create vector patterns with text in Adobe Illustrator. Without a loss in quality vector graphics are easily scale- and rotateable. To change to a color that is not in the theme colors, click More Colors, and then either click the color that you want on the Standard tab, or mix